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Dakty electronics

DaktyDakty is a Fingerprint Biometric German company having a unique
in-display full-sized fingerprint technology. The core competence of the company consists in two special types of fingerprint sensors that have huge advantages over all existing ones worldwide. Another core competence is that the company develops electronics in different domains especially security devices for partner companies.

Dakty’s biometric sensors use a worldwide  patented technology. It allows scanning documents on the same surface as fingerprints.

An important feature of the sensor surface is its high sturdiness, the highest in the family of optical sensors. This allows building sensors for everyday use, as well as extreme demands such as vandalism-proof security.

The patented technology was awarded in Germany and is known as NAOS (Normal Absorption Optical Sensor). It was used in sensors for 1, 2 and 4 finger scanner up to passport sized surfaces. The resolution is high, usually 1000 ppi. The highest realized resolution is 4000 ppi. The sensors scan multispectral, color or monochrome.

The high innovative team begun the development of biometric sensors and systems based on fiber optics technology since 1998. The new full-sized in-display fingerprint, continues the tradition of the company, building the best fingerprint possible at lowest costs. The team of the Dakty consists of highly qualified engineers with profound knowledge and experience in areas such as optics, biometrics, hardware, software and mechanics.

The newest patented display with full-size in-screen fingerprint is a milestone in the development of fingerprint scanners.

Dakty is open for investors and partner, especially for the new technology of fingerprint scanning displays, where we see a huge market in the upcoming next few years.


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